Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Process of doing Sri Krishna Pooja tomorrow!(those who are performing at night)

Steps for performing the Pooja:-

You need:
a small idol of Lord krishna(called as Vigraham)
A small cradle decorated with flowers and a handkerchief is kept int the cradle.
Panchamritham(mixture of milk,banana,ghee,honey,curds,powdered sugar)
flowers for pooja
flower garlands
sandal powder
kum-kum and turmeric powder

Lord Krishna pooja Process:
Early in the morning, devotees give bath to Lord krishna which is none other than we call as abhishekam.
it has to be made by using water, ghee, honey and curds and milk.
after we are done with abhishekam, we have to apply sandal, kum-kum, vastram maalai(available in shops(something we put that thinking that as a cloth and jewellery for him.)

Actually many devotees purchase clothes and jewellery for lord krishna.
the idol of lord is then made to swing as a part of tradition.

we offer beaten rice mixed with powdered jaggery. it can be also made into small laddoos by sprinkling little milk and making into small balls. This is one of the favourite sweet for lord krishna.

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