Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And Now we come into our main part here.. JANMASHTAMI RECIPES

Janmashtami is a festival celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and joy. It creates a euphoric atmosphere all around. Since Lord Krishna was very fond of milk and milk products especially butter, so devotees make various dishes of milk to please the Lord.

Devotees observe to mark the day and break it at midnight after the birth of Lord Krishna. Certain people observe the day with waterless fast while others have fruits and milk.

The traditional dishes prepared on Janmashtami are Singhare ki Poori, Shrikhand, Gopalkala, Kheer etc. Recipes of these mouth watering and easy to cook dishes are given below:the above are the recipes who fast on this day!!!! its traditional practice to have these sweets and savouries(for the ones who does fasting)

Special and simple recipes are: kheer and murukku

1 cup Basmati rice
1 cup condensed milk
1 tablespoon custard powder, dissolved in warm milk
3-4 cups of whole milk, diluted with 1-2 cups of water
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp raisins
1 tbsp cashewnuts, dry roasted.
1 tsp powdered cardamom

Pour milk in a pan and add rice to it.
Boil rice and milk in the pan on medium flame until completely cooked (appx. 25-30 minutes).
Add custard powder to milk and stir continuously.
Add condensed milk, sugar and stir till sugar gets completely dissolved and the mixture thickens.
Add nuts and raisin.
Sprinkle it with powdered cardamom for extra flavor.
Can be served both hot as well as cold.

this is called as Paal payasam in tamil (milk payasam/kheer.

Murukku:(prepared by rice flour)(rice murukku)

Ingredients :
Rice flour 340 gms.
Gram flour 120 gms.
Til seeds 1 tbsp.
Chilli powder 3 tsp.
Asafoetida ½ tsp.
Butter 2 tbsps.
Oil as required
Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :
Mix both rice and gram flour, add chilli powder, asafoetida, butter and salt.
Wash the til seeds and add to the flour mixture.
Add water and knead into a soft dough.
Put small quantities of dough in a murukku mould,
hold it over a kadhai with hot oil and press murukkus into the oil.
Remove murukku from kadhai when brown and crisp.

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