Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 things about my mom's cooking!!!

10 Things about my moms cooking 

1. Cleanliness: I remember my mom being very particular when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean. She used to stay hours in the kitchen till 11 pm cleaning up everything, while we were in deep sleep or doing some work by then.

2. Sambhar: Ever since  I've made this dish a hundred times, never it came up like the one which my mom does. Thats her magic :-)

3.Sweet Pongal: This special dish which she makes with rice,lentils and jaggery is always a hit and the tastiest dish.

6. Biryani/Pulao/Or any Other different type of Pulao: Its damn good. All I can say is I love it. 

7. Uppudu pindi(wheat rawa upma): Made with wheat rava and moong dal, she used to make this on saturdays when she was fasting. 

9.Rawa Ladoo: sweet balls round in shape made again with fried rawa and cashews,raisins, was a feast every year on Krishna Janmasthami Fest along with the other savouries she makes. 

10.Besan Ladoo:  sweet balls  made with besan. And the taste... I have no words to say. 

Thanks to this blog for sharing these recipes
 of my moms cooking.
Will keep  posted the special recipes! :) 

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