Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Madras Kaapi

Madras Filter Coffee or kaapi is a sweet milky coffee made from dark roasted coffee beans (70%-80%) and chicory (20%-30%), especially popular in the southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

You'll need a traditional percolator which is made of 4 parts.

1. The lid that comes on top of the percolator.
2. The percolator, you can also see the base is punched with holes
3. Strainer, although this looks like an umbrella it is a strainer.
4. Collector, The fourth part forms the base which collects the strained decoction.

You need:

Coffee powder-6tbsp
Milk-almost of a quarter cup
Sugar-to taste

Assemble the filter, where the base is fixed with the percolator on the top. Once this is done place the strainer and then keep the lid ready.

1. Boil water.
2. fill up coffee powder in the filter.
3.Press it lightly and pour the boiling water into it.
4.Wait for approximately 15-20 minutes till the decoction gets collected in the lower comparment of the filter and
5.Boil the milk.
6.Once the milk boils take your quantity of sugar in the tumbler pour some decoction and add the can adjust the quantity according to your taste whether you want it light or strong.
7.Mix it well by pouring it into the cup(dabaraa)to form a froth and enjoy the coffee.

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  1. Dear Harini,
    Thanks 4 ur recipe of the traditional filter coffee or as u say kaapi,my husband's all time favourite drink.But pls let me know the proportion of coffee powder n water 2 make a nice n strong filter.
    Thanks n Regards,

  2. Sorry for the delayed reply.
    Supose if you are making for a person, add 4 tbsp of coffee powder and 50 ml - 4 times.(50x4)
    u will be sure to get a thick decoction. Suppose u need it still more thick, lessen the water.(50x3)
    Let me know if you got a good decoction :)